Powerful corporate-class email in affordable, flexible packages.

Hosted Exchange improves your productivity with powerful email, calendar and online collaboration tools including a SharePoint® intranet portal (Group plan).


Individual Group Institution
Includes 1 mailbox Includes 3 mailbox Includes 10 mailbox
2 GB storage per mailbox 4 GB storage per mailbox 8 GB storage per mailbox
ActiveSync® for Mobile ActiveSync® for Mobile ActiveSync® for Mobile
   1 GB SharePoint® Intranet portal 3 GB SharePoint® Intranet portal
£ 79
Monthly & £ 960 Yearly
£ 249
Monthly & £ 3000 Yearly
£ 399
Monthly & £ 4800 Yearly
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  • FREE! Get Microsoft Outlook® 2010 or Microsoft Outlook® for Mac 2011 for every user.
  • Enjoy anywhere access to your email, contacts and calendars.
  • Easily share it all and schedule meetings with your colleagues.
  • Secure your email with free virus and spam protection.
  • Free expert Microsoft Exchange® support for set up, maintenance and troubleshooting.





On-the-go-access to email, calendar, and task management tools.

Hosted Exchange email gives you high-end communication tools while minimizing your cost and freeing up valuable IT resources. Best of all, our email, calendar and task management tools are all synchronized to keep everyone on the same page. Learn how Hosted Exchange increases collaboration and efficiency, watch this video.



Manage your time effortlessly


  • Access your email anywhere, anytime.
  • Built-in scheduling assistant automates time-consuming calendar tasks.
  • Check your priorities for the day by looking at the To-Do Bar, where your flagged mails and tasks are clearly laid out.
  • Quickly find e-mails, appointments, contacts or tasks with full-text searches of all devices by key word, date or other criteria.
  • Easily customize and schedule out-of-office communications.



Connect and share efficiently


  • Share your calendar with selected individuals inside your organization.
  • With the Group Plan you can integrate group calendars, contacts, tasks and more with information stored on Windows SharePoint Services®.
  • Read and manage your RSS feeds and blogs all in one place. You don't have to leave Outlook® to read the latest world news, catch up on sports, or stay up to date on blogs.



Stay safe and compliant


  • Improved junk e-mail filter disables harmful links within emails, warning you away from threatening content.
  • Automatically manage folders to support compliance requirements.
  • FREE security patches and virus and spam protection.



Rest easy


  • 99.9% availability and redundancy.
  • FREE Exchange server upgrades.
  • Full DNS management.
  • Free expert Microsoft Exchange® support for setup, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Live 24/7 phone and email support.






What is Hosted Exchange Email?

Powered by an Exchange server, Hosted Exchange email offers corporate-class email at small-business prices. It's more than just email. It's an integrated solution for managing your life, bringing together data from various devices – including your contacts, calendar, documents, and more – and synchronizing the information that reaches you.

Being out of the office shouldn't mean being out of touch. Use Hosted Exchange email to easily manage contact and calendar info – anywhere, anytime.



Who should use Hosted Exchange Email?

Business people on the go can use Exchange hosting to coordinate email, calendars, and tasks lists between computers and mobile devices.

Small businesses, like independent developers, that need Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® can benefit from the features of a Microsoft Exchange Server.

Medium-sized businesses, like law offices, use Exchange servers to lower communication and IT costs.

Hosted Exchange is designed to fit your needs. It's a complete communication tool that integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft products. There's a plan that's right for you.



What are the benefits of Hosted Exchange Email?

A Hosted Exchange server from Go Daddy is like having your own personal assistant, with on-the-go access to everything you need to manage your group or run your business. Your email plan, hosted by Microsoft Exchange, synchronizes email, tasks, contacts, and calendars. They also include a free copy of Outlook® for PCs and Macs, plus a SharePoint® site with group plans.



What are some of the features of Hosted Exchange Email?

Shared contacts. With all contacts and distribution lists in a central company directory, you can share throughout your organization while having your email on an Exchange server.

Shared calendars. Share calendar information and view multiple calendars simultaneously to find shared availability and send meeting requests with your Hosted Exchange account.

Shared documents. Save files from Microsoft Office® applications directly to SharePoint Document Management, which creates an instant backup and makes it possible to collaborate (Group Plan only).

Joint task management. While using Microsoft Exchange email you can easily create and assign tasks and even integrate them with email notification and scheduling. Track progress as a task moves from active to complete, or maybe in some cases to overdue.

Enhanced security. Choose to digitally sign and encrypt emails and attachments, accessing your mailboxes without a virtual private network (VPN) connection when working remotely. Server- and client-side filtering helps reduce spam and other unwanted email.



I just bought a Hosted Exchange Email plan. Now what?

To get your mail, you need to activate your Hosted Exchange email account. Go to AM-Hosting and click on the My Account button. Type your Customer Number or Login Name and Password into the boxes and click the Enter key on your keyboard.

In the list of products that displays, select the gray box next to Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Pick the account you want to activate and click the Launch button for that account.

The next few steps are pretty easy – make sure you read, and then accept, our Hosted Exchange Email Service Agreement. Enter your Organization name and then click next. Enter the Username for your email address, a password, confirm your password, and then click next. Review your information, and then click finish. OK, done! You are on your way to getting emails!

It might take anywhere from 5 to 48 hours for your email account to be up and running.



Can I set up my Hosted Exchange Email plan on my mobile device?

Yep. It's actually one of the perks to the plan. Unlike email plans that offer POP or IMAP, Hosted Exchange's ActiveSync and BlackBerry® support provides instant email and calendar notifications to your mobile device. So if you travel a lot, or you just want to stay connected and organized, you can use your iPhone®, Android®, or other mobile device with your MS Exchange server email account.


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